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Hypnotist Ron Stubbs has appeared in major motion pictures with such stars as River Phoenix and Lili Taylor; been featured in numerous national and international newspapers and magazines; on television and radio; written eight books on hypnosis, communication skills and body language;  written a children's book; written and produced over 40 CD and video/DVD programs; taught hypnosis/hypnotherapy at 4 major colleges and universities; given lectures, seminars and trainings across the US; has two therapy clinics, sees clients for various hypnotherapy related issues; owns a national booking agency...is married to a beautiful woman named Jeanie; drives a REALLY cool car.......And he's just getting started.
In 2003, his breakthrough CD "The Hearts Journey"; co-written with Laurie Z was considered for SEVEN Grammy nominations; making Ron the ONLY hypnotist and "The Hearts Journey" the only hypnosis CD ever considered for that prestigious honor.
Ron together with his wife, Jeanie, a hypnotist in her own right has performed his "Hypnotic Mayhem Comedy Hypnosis Show" around the globe averaging 150 shows per year for over 20 years before thousands of appreciative standing room only crowds and sold out theaters. Among his many accolades he has been called"the rock star of hypnosis" by Backstage Magazine. 
Ron is also a nationally recognized Success Coach, a Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Trainer, NLP Instructor, Body Language Expert and a sought after Motivational Speaker.